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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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density of where they will be accommodated. this is traffic and queuing on the streets. this is the first time that a hospital in california has fully integrated this functionality into the building footprint. this is seismically safe and appropriate.
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thank you. >> could the afternoon, commissioners. i would like to take a few moments to talk about the long- range plan and how this translates to the work force development component. in addition, he will also weigh in other aspects of the lrdp.
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this does not focus on work force specifically but they continue to evaluate the merits of this program. this office has been in direct conversation with cmpc about the development and construction of the proposed building. we would like to share a couple of the key areas of agreement as part of that.
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the hiring of people in san francisco is helping in the pre development phase. they have already started hiring people in anticipation of an agreement and they have shown their good faith. the first agreement that our office is negotiating with which we will bring back to this commission consists of three components -- construction, training, building a strong qualified pipeline of this it finished residence through state-certified apprentice programs, prioritizing those neighborhoods most impacted by the construction program. we will be looking at permanent jobs.
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>> thank you for listening to my remarks. we have about 400 current members and research about 400 households around the park. this campus is a close neighbor and they are a valued resource. we have worked closely going back the next several years. we weren't close with them as part of a neighborhood group.
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they were most responsive to our concerns. many of the elements of the campus plan were present neighbor input and request. we urge you to move forward with the draft. this is thorough and comprehensive and it adequately addresses important issues and provides medications for understandable concerns. there are appropriate amendments to the final versions that can address comments that you heard today and during the current, at a time. we urge you to move forward with final approval of the project as proposed. shovels' need to get in the ground right away on this project. please, i enough stalling and deferrals but all stakeholders
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and take the attitude to move forward it to make this happen. we will have state of the art medical care that we need in san francisco.
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>> hello, commissioners. we need to slow down. the city is bankrupt. across the street -- was closed down. there are small business owners -- we are struggling because of the economic problem.
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the the problem is drafting. this will go up. they will have that -- people that have jobs, they will spend the money. sometimes they will go outside of the shopping.
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not only that, the property is going up. signal or later, they will have to pick them up. this will benefit us in washington, d.c., they would like it too. they do.
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>> we built the buildings. building hospitals as the single most important investment we can make. in case of natural disaster, the natural disasters need to be there and they need to be functioning 100%. i'm speaking to you as a property owner and a san francisco resident. i am blocks away from the bay
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view campus. we are really looking forward to this project. this will be a completely positive impact on the environment of san francisco. i urge you to move this through the planning commission. personally, i worked at the california campus four years at a time and day out and day and i noticed that there was some issues with the loading dock.
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this will encourage easier transition from the streets. cpmc told me about their transit plan. we urge the approval. we think that this document is adequate and thank-you for your time. this is a construction management company. this manages the health care project and construction
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including several hospitals. >> i have had an opportunity to review the impact report mitigation plans this is that the various sites. this is the construction ordination plan. this has been fully disclosed in a very professional manner. this has been addressed in a very major way entities have been addressed. must mitigation measures are in keeping with the practices to address the concerns of neighbors especially at the
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cathedral hill site. also the use of equipment that generates the least amount of noise pollution, staging that reduces noise and to the extent possible. the manager can quickly and authoritatively rise. and you very much.
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this is the tenderloin area that i -- >> i have lived in the tenderloin area for the past six years.
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i knew that they were coming into the area and knowing that we thought that the area was probably for business. this was not brilliant positive. we took the opportunity to look at the business. the area will be good for customers and tourists.
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i urge you to support this project. >> i represent over 3000 members local. i am urging new -- urging you to
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support this project. we are facing a low down and work. thank you. >> we are a community-based
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organization here in the mission of san francisco. we are hoping to enforce the liberal laws. this has been analyzed by the draft environmental impact report. the document discloses the project impact. this will be a project that is a very good thing for san francisco. this is in terms of the
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employment creation. we are big supporters of green building projects. we also echo the comments from the building trades council. this has been approved by the state office and health services. i urge you to approve the draft and firm. impact report.
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-- i urge you to approve the draft environmental impact report. >> i have been delivering babies for 11 years. the planning department has done a thorough job evaluating this report. while the majority of deliveries occur, severe complications can arrive quickly and unexpectedly. we have reduced the rate of mortality.
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the california mortality has tripled from 5.6 per 100,000 to 16.9 per 100,000. -- cannot be with us because he is in washington d.c. and he is looking to reduce complications. this identifies the need for acute care services for pregnant women. whether this is intensive care, surgical support, laboratory, and services are critical for protecting mother and child. there are higher rates of multiple just asians. it is unacceptable and unsafe to transfer these patients across town for emergency or critical
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care services. i am full -- i am in full support of community-based medicine. they could not keep up with the technology or maintain the staffing. our patients are cared for at our california campus unit and we have the resources, tools and support to maintain the health and safety. we will continue to do so in a new facility. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> i am one of the owners of cocoa cocktails. i'm here to acknowledge and thank the california pacific medical center for working with me and my staff. i need to take this opportunity of this if they have not settled. we have at this time no opportunity to earn more income. i would like to see them in sure that they have a place to live for the rest of their lives.
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i also lives five blocks from the piarist -- from the proposed project and i would like to see the good neighbor coalition ensure that there are active members of our community and they don't just pop down and not be involved. th
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>> good afternoon. tonight them a primary-care physician and also the director of the medical services. we are the largest at federally administered health center in san francisco. we have been serving for almost 38 years. i believe every resident should have access to the best medical care. we have collaborated to provide specialty care services to are underserved population including the delivery of 400 babies each year. the location for the new campus at van ness and. will be in closer proximity to the patients that we surf. this means less bus trips, people taking public transparent
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and also more access to health care. the proposed campus also locates a full-service pediatric emergency and also an inpatient hospital and the highest density of these patients in the city. additionally, they have developed a referral process for care, for all of the patience. this is roughly 25% of the overall program population. they also announced that they are expanding their commitment to the healthy san francisco
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program. i who want to thank you for your time and i would urge that you except this request. >> is there anyone else whose name i called? >> could afternoon. -- good afternoon. i indeed second director of the asian american and pacific -- we have two offices in the tenderloin, one that focuses on transgendered help. i am here to support the long- range development plan. i believe that the planning
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department did a comprehensive job analyzing the project and its alternatives. the proposed location for the new campus is within two blocks of my agency where many of my clients and patients reside. this is a neighborhood that is composed of many asians and pacific islanders as well as the transgendered community. this would allow for increased access for many of our clients and patience as well as providing more accessible health care options. the health care center is expanding by becoming a free health care community clinic and we have been working with cpmc who has been supporting our efforts. they have been providing us with support to provide a needs assessment in the tenderloin to better understand the health care needs.


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